Oh Man, That Would Suck: Time Lapse Of Man Trapped In An Elevator For 40 Hours

April 21, 2008

This actually took place in 1999 (old!), but the video has just recently surfaced via The New Yorker. It's a time lapse of Nicholas White stuck in an elevator in the McGraw-Hill building in New York for over 40 hours. White went outside for a cigarette, came back in, and chose the wrong damn elevator. I really think this video provides some serious insight into the human psyche. What insight that may be is a mystery to me. Maybe something about going apeshit in a confined space. Say, is he peeing down the crack of the open doors at 2:12?

New Yorker Article


Thanks to Andy, who was once stuck in an elevator for ten seconds before he punched through the wall got the hell out, for the tip

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