My Childhood Sucked Without The NapTV

April 11, 2008


NapTV is a little stool with a flatscreen built into the underside you can lie underneath it and watch cartoons before your afternoon nap. It is pretty much the awesomest damn thing I've ever set my eyes on. I love how in the picture they show a kid sitting on top reading a book. Ha, good one -- kids these days don't know how to read. Anyway, the NapTV is still just a concept, but if there's enough interest I'll beat up Sung-kyu Nam (the designer) and start manufacturing them. I already made one, and I must say -- it was freaking awesome. I say it was awesome because my roommate sat on it when I was watching Dora The Explorer and it broke. Into my face. So there I was, lying supine on the living room floor with a 320 lb man crushing broken glass into my eyes with his ass. And you know what? The audio still worked.

NapTV So Wrong that it Just Might be Right [uberreview]

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