More Fuel For Your Custom Handpainted Shoe Hating Fire: Mario Airwalks For Kids

April 17, 2008


Knowing how much some of you love bashing the everliving hell out of handpainted shoes, I thought I'd throw these bad boys up so you could get your daily painted shoe-hating fetish out of the way so we can spend the rest of our time together this afternoon discussing more mature topics like dingalings and how much my wife/girlfriends drive me nuts. So here they are, a pair of kid's size 2 1/2 Airwalks with custom Mario paintjob. They were still for sale on eBay yesterday, but have since sold for $45 plus $12 shipping. I almost bought them last night when I was looking at them, but then I remembered my parents didn't bind my feet when I was a child. And I'm thankful for that, and you should be too.

eBay Auction

Thanks to Tosha, sweet as honeysuckle but even better smelling, for the tip




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