More Custom My Little Ponies For All Of You That Didn't Have A REAL Pony As A Kid

April 28, 2008


No matter how many times I asked or how well I behaved, my dad always refused to get me a pony when I was growing up. Something about them not being allowed in the apartment building. Well I've never forgiven him and had to live out my fantasy of having one by playing with girl's toys and dressing up in my mom's clothes. And I think that's why I'm so drawn to these wonderful creations by AnimeAmy (of My Little Master Chief fame). This is Davy Jones, but after the jump there are a couple Links, a Yoda, and even a little Optimus Prime action. And speaking of prime action, anybody know where I can score a little lovin' around here? *wink wink* And by lovin' I obviously don't mean real love, I'm talking about having sex with a hooker. Although truthfully, I have fallen for several in the past.

Hit the jump for the rest and a link to AnimeAmy's deviantART page (with even more ponies!)





AnimeAmy on deviantART

Thanks to Lynz, who had a whole damn herd of ponies growing up, for the tip

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