Marvel Vs. DC Custom Painted Nikes On eBay

April 14, 2008


Up on the auction block are a pair of custom painted Nike Air Force Ones (size 9.5) featuring Marvel and DC comic book characters. They're currently at $50.99 (reserve not met) with 4 days, 8 hours remaining.

This is a custom pair of Air Force 1s that were handpainted and airbrushed to the highest of standards. This pair features numerous comic book characters from both Marvel and DC. The characters on each shoe actually fight THROUGH the pair! On each pair there is 9 characters. That makes 18 characters on one pair of sneakers. Any one who has some knowledge on sneaker painting knows how tedious it is to paint ONE character! Attention to detail is so incredible, that there were 9 different shades of blue, 6 different shades of red, and much more color variation on each character. Perfect for the comic book fan (apologize to any Robin fans). Perfect for display, but also ready for wear.

Who will win the epic battle of Marvel vs. DC characters? Does Batman die? Will The Punisher punish? Does the Hulk get with Wonder Woman? Will Catwoman and Psylocke tear each other's tops off and wrestle in a kiddy pool of Snack Pack brand pudding (like in my dreams)? Tune in next week to find me passed out on the kitchen floor while my wife stacks empty boxes on my back and a cat pees on my feet.

Several more pictures along with a link to the auction (with even more pictures) after the jump.





eBay Auction

Thanks to Jaden, who could whip the shit out of all those characters, for the tip

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