Mario Bento Boxes Look Amazing/Delicious

April 3, 2008


Bento is a Japanese single portion packaged meal, often compartmentalized and with some artistic flair thrown in for good measure (and to make kids want to eat it). This Mario-themed bento is a good example. My wife has been obsessed with them for quite a while, and is always hollering at me to come in and look at some particularly good looking bento she's found on Flickr. God knows she could never actually make one herself. There's a whole bunch more Mario-inspired bento after the jump, so check them out. They all look good, and are making me hungry. Say, looks like the cat is hungry too -- oh, it appears he's going to have a little asshole. I guess I'll pass on lunch after all.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more Mario bento.




super mario bento boxes make mouths happy [technabob]

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