LEGO Chess Set Finally Looks Worth Playing

April 14, 2008


LEGO has had several different chess sets in the past, but they were fairly boring looking. Now they've has ramped it up a notch and is releasing a set that makes playing chess look as fun as two-hand touch football with a bunch of naked cheerleaders. You can pre-order the 2,481 piece (576 of which are the individual shiny block tops on the playfield) set now, and it ships July 1st. Unfortunately it costs $300, making it too rich for my blood. Which, incidentally, is 65% Goldschläger, so that's saying a lot.

Another picture of the set from the opposite side after the jump.


Product Page
Official Ultimate Lego Chess Set [tfts]

Thanks to Melissa, who has never lost at a board game, for the tip

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