LED Lemon Lights Up Drinks, Adds No Flavor

April 21, 2008


Drink a lot of hefeweizen? Like the flavor a lemon slice adds to your beer? If so this product isn't for you, because it's just a piece of molded plastic with an LED inside. It sits on the side of a glass and run $3.30 for a pack of three. They're guaranteed to make your next party a questionable one. You know what's not questionable though? Baby showers with lots of beer. I went to one this weekend and they were rocking Bass kegs and a roasted boar. It was awesome. There were a bunch of kids running around, and it really made me want to have one. Especially when a group of 4-year olds tackled an 8-year old and the littlest one started yelling "Kick him in the nutsack!" *wipes tear* So freaking cute.

Worthwhile picture I photoshopped together of what one of the wedges looks like in a drink, after the jump.


Illuminating LED Lemon Slice Gadget Is Far From Cool [tfts]

Thanks to Andrew, who needs no garnish in his drinks, for the tip

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