Interactive Hologram Chick Looks Kind of Like Natalie Portman, Should Be Princess Leia

April 22, 2008

We've seen promising holographic technologies here at Geekologie before, but nothing with the sexy interactive potential of this thing. The people at LM3Labs have created a hologram technology that can be controlled by hand, arm and (presumably) penis gestures. The system is called AirStrike, which conjures up images of a massive bombing run and not doing it with Princess Leia while a trashcan robot watches like I hoped. So I'm going to have to suggest they change the name to something a little more catchy. You know, something that gives potential customers a better idea of how the technology can be utilized. I'm thinking My Virtual Prostitute or maybe just Holowhore.

LM3Labs' Airstrike interactive holograms, because they can [engadget]

Thanks to Ryan, who doesn't need a holographic girlfriend because he can have as many of the real thing as he wants, for the tip

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