Indiana Jones Figures Are Cute, Big Headed

April 9, 2008


These are two Indiana Jones (well one Indiana, one Henry) figures available from PansonWorks. Each costs $30 and would look awesome on my bookshelf. Damn, I just love that Indiana. I was so inspired by the movies that I actually took an archaeology course in college. I had to pay a $60 lab fee, which I assumed was for a fedora and a freaking bullwhip. Wrong! I got a crappy little pick and brush. Talk about a let down. There was no temple of doom, no last crusading, just a horrible damn professor that stared off into space when lecturing. I egged his house after he failed me.

A picture of PansonWorks Street Fighter figures (also $30), just for the halibut, after the jump


PansonWorks Indiana Jones Figures [albotas]

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