I'm Getting Hungry: Another Mario Cake

April 30, 2008


Two Mario posts in a row! *jackpot buzzer* I think I've won a prize! Damnit, it's just the fire alarm. The girlfriend must be burning something in the kitchen (surprise, surprise). So, here we have another Mario cake. We certainly have seen quite a few Mario-themed edibles here on Geekologie, haven't we? We sure have. And it won't stop until the world is void of fondant. Speaking of which, I don't want any damn bickering about how much fondant tastes like shit, etc. etc., in the comments section. You behave yourselves. This isn't about fondant and its properties, this is about Mario-cake artistry. And, quite frankly, I'd eat that cake if it was made of cat shit. You see, I lost my taste buds in a bet that I couldn't eat 20 wasabi filled habanero peppers in two minutes while my roommate continually kicked me in the ballsack. Everything went numb after about twenty seconds, but sadly, my taste buds never returned (and neither did one teste -- I think it's floating around in my pelvis).

Several more pictures of the cake, as well as the artist's original drawing of the thing, after the jump.





A Geek-ful cake [cookingismypassion]

Thanks to Karina, who has (unknowingly) agreed to make me a cake like this for my birthday, for the tip

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