Godfather Art Made From The Entire Script

April 10, 2008


This is a picture of Don Corleone holding his cat. It's made from the entire Godfather script in varying shades of black (and a little red). A 24" x 30" poster will set you back $14, an unsigned giclee (limited edition of 1,000), $100, and a signed giclee (limited edition of 250), $300. They're awesome and I want one. And not just because I grew up wanting to be a gangster and watched that movie like a bajillion times. No, it's mostly because my "old men holding cats" poster collection simply won't be complete without it.

Hit the link for the product page where you can see a super high-res version.

Godfather Pop-Art Print

Thanks to Pat, who has been known to make offers that can't be refused, for the tip

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