Get You Wii Mii Turned Into A Real Sculpture

April 24, 2008


When I first got a Wii I spent over an hour making a perfect representation of myself in Wii Mii form. Needless to say, it's fugly as shite. But if your Mii turned out better than mine you can now get it made into a real sculpture. You just send Miisculptures $75 and a picture of Wii Yii (you) and they'll make a 4-inch tall physical model. If you're interested in using them as wedding cake toppers they'll do two of them for $140. And if your wife does let you use them as a cake topper, I have two words for you: holdon tight. You've got a good woman. I do not. I just casually suggested I wanted a video-game (Zelda) themed wedding and you know what she did? She kicked me in the grapes and started crying. You know what theme we ended up settling on? Pretty pretty princess. God, please take me now.

Two more pictures of Bill Gates and Chuck Norris miis they made after the jump.



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Thanks to the beautiful Allyson, who is doing very little actual work today, for the tip

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