This Flying Lawnmower Is The Awesomest Thing I've Seen All Morning Besides My Roommate Running Through The Screen Door

April 3, 2008

Maybe you've seen this video before, because it's been around for awhile. But you know what? Suck it! *Does that stupid wrestling thing where you X your hands over your genitals* So, yeah, I didn't mean that. Anyway, this lawnmower has a secret. And that secret is the power of flight! It can't cut grass for shit, but I think we can all agree that's a small price to pay for such radical awesomeness. I was so inspired I wrote a poem about it.

Look at the lawnmower fly
High, high up in the sky
It may not cut grass
But that's okay with me
I don't cut the grass anyway
That's why I bought a goat.

*fingers snapping* Thank you, thank you. Honestly though, this thing is sweet. What could be cooler? Nothing. Well, except maybe a flying ride-on mower.


Thanks to Matthew, who doesn't need a lawnmower to fly because he was born with a jetpack, for the tip

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