Fat Lamp Is Like A Lava Lamp But Not Really

April 24, 2008


The Fat Lamp (aka the Slow Glow Light) is filled with fat. When you turn it on the bulb inside melts the fat, rendering it more transparent, and the light gets brighter. Each one cost a staggering $774, so you're definitely better off stealing fat from a liposuction clinic (a la Fight Club) and making your own.

this unique lamp is also a great discussion piece and easily lends itself to artistic interpretation. for example, the slow glow lamp is sluggish and fat-representative of our current culture (at least here in the united states). feel free to develop your own interpretation of this thought-provoking light!

Hey, I've got an one: It's a gross freaking lamp filled with fat. It represents some dumb asshole willing to part with $774 for a glass orb filled with my girlfriend's old stomach. That said, I'd buy one if they were cheaper.

One more picture after the jump.


Product Site [unicahome]

Thanks to Karina, who can light up a room with her radiant smile, for the tip

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