Famous Photographs Recreated In LEGO

April 2, 2008


Mike Stimpson is a UK based photographer that recreates famous photographs using LEGO. This one is Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, from the 1932 photograph of the building of Rockefeller Center (see actual photo after the jump). Looks good. Reminds me of the Brick Testament, just much less biblical and more black and white-ical. Which, FYI, is far different than Neutical, which is a testicular implant for neutered dogs.

UPDATE: Turns out Neuticals are no longer just for dogs, but now come in equine/bull and feline models (click sizing chart and pricing guide to check them out).

Hit the jump for several more, along with links to the rest, his picture set-up gallery, and some cool Star Wars scenes.





Classics in LEGO
LEGO photos [notcot]

Photo Set-Up Gallery

Star Wars and other random LEGO scenes

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