Eye Candy: Awesome Super Mario Galaxy Wii

April 16, 2008


We've seen several good looking Wii mods here on Geekologie, but modder Ramon might very well do it best. Ramon is the same guy that whipped up the awesome Zelda Wii, along with several other mods (be sure to check out the Samus Wii and Legend of Zelda DS). Now he's back with a wicked Super Mario Galaxy Wii. The console took over 100 hours of work and planning and features a backlit Super Mario Galaxy marquee, flashing star LEDs countersunk into both sides, integrated remote holders, battery charger, plaque dedicated to Miyamoto for his awesome work on the Mario series, and several retro Super Mario sound effects triggered by pushing the Wii's buttons. Be sure to hit the jump for pictures of the other side, along with a video demonstrating the flashing stars and sound effects. The unit is for sale on eBay, and is currently at $710 with over 4 days remaining. 15% of the winning bid will be donated to Child's Play Charity, which is awesome. Now if I can just find an easy way to procure a few thousand dollars, that Wii is mine.

UPDATE: Greetings from the county jail! Remember kids, crime doesn't pay unless you don't get caught (I got caught).

More pictures and a video, along with a link to the auction with a TON more pics, after the jump.




eBay Auction

Super Mario Galaxy Wii Makes the Stars Mushroom With Delight [gizmodo]

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