E-Ink Jacket May Get You Punched, Groped

April 29, 2008


The BLU e-ink jacket is a concept from Lunar Design. It's an electronic fabric jacket that will shock all your chesthair off in a rainstorm.

Imagine a jacket that could display your mood throughout the day, offer maps on your sleeve for city navigation, or flash intriguing advertisements to passersby -- a fashionable twist on the age-old human sandwich board.

Hrrm, interesting. Because people love ads so much I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to see you've turned yourself into a walking "Head On" commercial. Just don't be surprised if someone applies their fist directly to your forehead. Because they will. That said, I would pretend like I needed to see that girl's map in the picture. Let's see here, if I follow the green-line across Zipper River and around Mammary Mountain...ah yes, Nippleville -- that's where I'm headed.

BLU Jakcet by Lunar Design

Thanks to Karina, who looks stunning in e-ink and fingerpaint, for the tip

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