Dope: Gold NES With Triforce Window Mod

April 15, 2008


Damnit, I hate it when this happens. You find a sick Nintendo painted the same gold as the original Zelda cartridges (if you don't know about those I'm afraid we can't be friends), complete with custom cut-out Triforce window on top, and, just my luck -- the freaking eBay auction has already ended! Woe is me. The console even has a green LED power button (as a tribute to Link's clothing), a yellow LED that makes the Triforce glow, and backlit Nintendo logos on the controllers. And it sold for $52 (plus $15 shipping)! Talk about a disappointment.

And you know what else is disappointing? The open bar situation at the wedding I went to this weekend. No liquor! All the beer and wine you wanted, but none of the good stuff. I couldn't believe it. How am I supposed to dance without some high-octane life juice? I was so desperate I almost drank a bottle of isopropyl alcohol I found in the supply closet. That said, after 14 beers and a couple glasses of wine I did actually make it out onto the dance floor. Except there was no dancing going on! I look up, and the next thing I know, I've caught the bouquet. Two bridesmaids team-punched me in the neck and tried to snatch it. So I gave them the ol' 1-2-roundhouse kick. Their dresses were hideous anyways.

If you're sad about the Nintendo not being available there's still this piece of crap available for $60.

The guy says the pictures suck because his camera is broken and he had to take them with his phone. More shit-quality photos, and a link to the auction, after the jump.




eBay Auction

Custom Triforce NES [albotas]

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