Disturbing: Baby Chocolates Are Scary, Edible

April 8, 2008


Ryan, who sent this tip, wrote to let me know that Geekologie hadn't featured anything creepy in a while, and this was his suggestion. It's a baby (complete with a hose bigger than mine) made entirely of chocolate. I think the hair is a little suspect, but what do I know? I'm only Willy Wonka's apprentice. And no, I don't shower with the Oompa-Loompas, so I've never seen them naked. Quit asking.

UPDATE: FAKE! FIRST! FUCK they're not chocolate they're made of silicon or something. Scary baby cake added after the jump to make up for it (Thanks M).

Several more after the jump.




Newborns made of chocolate [pravda]

Thanks to Ryan, who lets me know when the Geekologie creepy-factor falls beneath an acceptable level, for the tip

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