Busted: Boy Charged For Camera Taser

April 4, 2008


Remember the disposable camera taser from a month ago? Well it turns out a kid got busted after making one and bringing it to school. Shocking (!), I know. He claims to have gotten the instructions on the interwebs (but not from me, I just linked to the DIY page). The boy was charged with possession of a weapon at school, attempted assault and breach of peace. Way to go dipshit! To his defense though, we all did the same thing when we were that age. At least I did. One time in homeroom I told the inbred yokel sitting next to me jam a clothes pin into an electric socket and it would spark. She didn't believe me. I warned her though: only hold the wooden part, don't touch the metal. It was awesome. There was a big blue spark the size of a basketball, then the electronic clock in the room went out, along with the air pump in the fish tank. She was sent to the office. Next period I had to run the mile in PE, and when I was coming in (after about six minutes), there was the principal waiting for me at the finish line. I puked on his shoes.

Teen Booked In Modification Of Camera Into 'Taser' [wcbstv]

Thanks to Mike, who doesn't need a stupid camera taser because women already find him electrifying, for the tip

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