Designer Foosball Table Looks Bathtubby

April 11, 2008


This is a foosball table created by GRO design and Tim modelmakers. It's called '11 - The Beautiful Game', because 11 is the number of players on each team (not including humans), and it's beautiful when you kick somebody's ass and they have to buy you a beer. The table is going to be exhibited during Milan Design Week from April 16th - 21st, so someone go check it out and try to break a player off for me. While I can certainly appreciate the thing's design, it would probably be annoying to play on. Especially with the chrome handles. That said, this table gives me an idea. The idea for a bathtub foosball table -- that you actually play in the bath! Oh man, I would never leave. I'd sit in there wailing away until the water was cold and I was all pruney. I mean toy boats are still fun and all, but I'm a big boy now. Well, not big enough to bathe unsupervised, but I'm getting there.

More pictures and a video (warning: the players suck) after the jump.




Most Beautiful Foosball Table [electroplankton]

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