Cyborg Keyboard: Not A Rocket Control Panel

April 16, 2008


The Cyborg Keyboard can't assimilate worth a damn but it does have glowing keys. The peripheral allows you to mix shades of color from red to amber to green and the hue will glow through all the letters. In addition to all the colorwheel fun, it's got 12 programmable "Cyborg' keys (the ones on the far sides), tough metal-caps in high-use gaming areas, and a Cyborg mode that configures the keyboard to your preferred gaming settings with the push of a button. Plus it looks like something off a spaceship. So you can sit in front of it and make rocket noises and shit and feel like a real spaceman. If, of course, real spacemen sit at their computers going "beepity beep beep", and "pew-pew" in their boxers. Which they don't, so you'll just feel like an asshat. Unless you're high, in which case that'd be awesome.

'Cyborg' keyboard lives up to its name [crave]

Thanks to Huevo, who rocks a pair of monster eggs, for the tip

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