Custom "Nintendo All-Stars" Painted Shoes

April 10, 2008


Up for auction on eBay are a pair of custom painted "Nintendo All-Stars" Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Hightops. The pictures are of a pair that the seller made for a friend, but if you win the auction he'll paint you some, any size, and with any custom touches you want included (your name, a different colored Yoshi, nude princess, etc). They really are well done. Current bid is $255, with a little over 3 days remaining, so don't forget if you're really interested. I'd buy them but I just don't think I could rock them. Nope, I could only ROCK THE HELL out of them. Damn somebody please buy them for me, I swear I'll do them justice. Hell, I'll do them justice league.

Hit the link for a bunch more pictures, including some of the process.






eBay Auction

Thanks to Ria, who is more beautiful than Princess Peach and Zelda combined, for the tip

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