Custom Painted Iron Man Shoes From Same Guy That Brought Us Marvel Vs. DC Shoes

April 15, 2008


Remember yesterday's Marvel vs. DC shoes? Ha, how could you forget, you ripped the shit out of them you heartless animals. Anyway, the creator of those has made several other custom pairs, including these with an Iron Man motif. They're size 10 only, so if you're any other size you're out of luck, unless you don't actually want to wear them. My girlfriend has two different sized feet. HA, I said it, now everybody knows! She tries to sneak one 8 1/2 and one 9 into a box when she buys shoes, but they always check! You know what she has to do? She has to get 9's and wear a sock on the small foot. HAHA HA AHA AH AHAH!

Hit the jump for close ups of Iron Man and a link to his other shoe auctions, which include a Spider Man/Venom/Carnage pair, along with a few alien raygun ones.




eBay Auction

Seller's Other Painted Shoes

Thanks to Jaden, who doesn't need shoes because he has ninja feet and could kill you in your sleep, for the tip

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