Chill Stick Looks Like Cue Case, Holds Beer

April 18, 2008


The Chill Stick ($12) is a neoprene sleeve that keeps six beers cold and looks like the case for a pool cue. That way you can sneak beer into places that have pool tables. Namely bars. Screw paying $2.25 a beer when you can bring your own. Am I right? I am. Same principal goes for outside food and drink at the movie theater. They tell you not to do it, but everybody does. But does everybody throw moistened Jujubes at the screen to see if they'll stick? No, because that's a waste of good candy. So yeah, the Chill Stick. Not sure if the floating arm comes with it or you have to buy that separately, but $12 for both would be a steal.

Chill Stick Disguises A Six Pack [ohgizmo]

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