Brilliant!: A Wheelchair Pedal Attachment

April 9, 2008


Who uses wheelchairs? People who are too weak to walk, people with legs that don't work, and me if the grocery store has any complementary motorized ones (my legs tire easily). The common denominator here is walking, or more specifically, a lack of walking ability. So why not just pedal instead? That's the idea behind the Pedalofit (NOT the name I would have chosen). Actually, it's a wheelchair attachment used as a rehabilitation tool for people to help gain the muscle and coordination back in their legs. And as you can see -- holy shit is that Dick Cheney in the picture?

The Dude: This is Cheney...on the left there? So he's a crip-uh...handicap...guy?
Brandt: Mr. Cheney is disabled, yes.

Pedal Powered Wheelchair Seems So Wrong [ohgizmo]

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