Best Infomercial Ever, I Mean That, EVER

April 8, 2008


Now we've seen a lot of awesome freaking commercials here at Geekologie, but this one may take the cake. It's for the $600 Beamz Laser Music System (Beamz Lazer Muzic Zyztem was already taken). It's basically six lasers, and anytime you break a beam with your fingers/hands a different sound is triggered. You positively HAVE TO WATCH the entire 3:00 video (after the jump). Now I've been known to set up a camera and film myself doing stupid things before, but never have I ever looked this ridiculous. It's almost too much to bear thinking these people are real and can wake up in the morning and face themselves in the mirror. That said, the laser thing they're playing is the awesomest freaking thing I've ever seen.

MUST SEE VIDEO after the jump.

Beamz Infomercial Is Most Stupid Promo Video In History [gizmodo]

Thanks to Billy Avenue, who just beat up Jimmy Boulevard to gain control of the intersection, for the tip

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