BB Gun With All Kinds Of Stuff Hanging Off It

April 9, 2008


This is the Walther NightHawk BB Gun. As you can see it looks like they threw on every extra peripheral possible. It's got a flashlight, red dot sight, muzzle compensator, microwave, and I think I saw a hot tub. Okay, so no microwave. Still, it is pretty sweet looking. Unfortunately the $160 gun only holds 8 rounds per clip and shoots at a paltry 360 FPS. But besides that, it's cool. Did I mention I like the styling? I like the styling. I think this is just the thing to tote when I'm breaking into the neighbor's house to steal beer at night when I'm too drunk to drive. I've got one on the way, so I'll update and let you know how Mission Too Drunk To Drive But Not Drunk Enough To Sleep goes.

: He shot me... the old bastard shot me... he had real gun... bleeding... lots... someone please call... Domino's... see if one of their drivers can... ugh... swing by with a case...

Video review of the gun after the jump.

Super Tough Looking BB Gun - Walther NighHawk Review [gadgetking]

Thanks to Terry, who can spot awesome looking guns like nobody's business, for the tip

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