AWESOME!: Geekologie Featured On BBC

April 7, 2008


I don't have a television anymore because my wife sold it for six boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and two pints of Ben and Jerry's. But if I did I may have caught Geekologie featured on BBC! Whoooooweeeee! So yeah, we're big time now. Really up there with the giants. Like Andre and, um, Jolly Green. The picture features a transcript of the show, or you can go here and click April 4th to watch it. But just skip to 21:00, that's when the good stuff starts. I can't wait to tell my parents, they're going to be so proud! Well, as proud as they can be of a son who writes lewd jokes for a blog all day.

Webscape on Click [bbc]

Thanks to Mr. Kezzzs and Adrian, both of whom I will buy a beer the next time I'm overseas, for the tips

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