April Fools' Zelda Trailer Made Me Sad, Angry

April 3, 2008

This is a trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie that was apparently made by IGN as an April Fools' joke. What in the hell is the matter with those sick bastards? Sure the World Of Warcraft thing was awesome, but joking about Zelda? I've killed people for far, far less. I'm trying to not care though. I've been telling myself that Link looks nothing like he should. I mean really, did you ever envision Link as a homeless smack addict? And Zelda? Don't get my started on her. She's far from the boner-inducing princess of my dreams. Looks like she got hit with the Triforce Of Fugly. That two-bit strumpet. I mean I'd still do her. Damn you IGN!

Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Debut [ign]

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