Another Mind-Controlled Gaming Peripheral

April 29, 2008


Remember the Emotiv Epoch neuroheadset from a while ago? No? Well how about this stupid looking head massager? Well there's no way you've forgotten about the thought screen helmet that prevents alien thought control. Well this isn't that. It is similar to the Epoch though. The OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator (~$200) is a gaming peripheral that you program to respond to certain impulses from your brain.

To begin with, you probably only want to map a single event to your games, but as your confidence improves you'll be able to do more and give your hands a break. And as the NIA can speed up response times (200ms to click fire, 100ms to think it), it means you'll be more efficient at shooting before getting shot.

We got to use the device for an extended play in the wonderfully frenetic Unreal Tournament 3, and the buzz you get when you knock up your first frag is every bit as stunning as it is scary.

'I just killed him with my mind' will trip off your lips with your first few kills, but you'll soon get over the awe and focus on the insanely quick fragging.

Freaking awesome! I've always wanted to kill just by thinking about it. And you know what else I wish I could do just by thinking? Bake cookies. Man, I could really go for a snickerdoodle right now. Maybe if I focus hard enough I can make it happen.

UPDATE: Holy shit, the cat's on fire!

UPDATE: I have super powers!

OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator [techradar]

Thanks to Greg, who can control women with his mind (and devilish good looks), for the tip

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