Acoustic Drum Machine Is A-Okay In My Book

April 28, 2008

Sure I could make beats with a drum synthesizer on the computer, but honestly, that's a little too digital for my tastes. Now I know what you're thinking: short of actually playing the drums, how can I get around this obstacle? Simple -- you make little robotic drums out of coffee cans, toss those mothers in a bomb-looking briefcase, make sure there's lots of sketchy wires hanging out, and then have them controlled by MIDI from a sequencer. And as easy as that you have your own acoustic drum machine. Pretty awesome, huh? I thought so. But I actually posted this though because I'm acting as matchmaker for Little Yellow Drum Machine, and I think this briefcase is right up his alley. What do you think my little robotic friend? *tink tink ta tink TINK* Ha, he said he'd attack that ass like a gong. Do I know him or what?


Thanks to the self proclaimed King of the Computer Geeks, for the tip

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