3-D LED Cubes Are Out Of This World, Not Literally Though, They're Not Alien Or Anything

April 7, 2008


This 3-D LED cube was made by Chinese manufacturer Seekway and features a 16 x 16 x 16 grid of lights for a total of 4,096. That's a good amount. "The system is capable of displaying animations at up to 30 frames per second and each dot can be individually addressed for both color and intensity." There's a video of the cube in action after the jump, and I suggest you watch it and just vibe out for a little bit. You deserve it. If the boss comes by and asks why you're watching Youtube videos on the clock you just look him/her dead in the eye and tell them it's not Youtube, it's some computer virus you got when you were downloading porno. Works every time.

Video after the jump.

led cube displays 3d images in color [technabob]

Thanks to Marc, who Optimus Prime actually let touch the Allspark one time, for the tip

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