Space Invaders Decals A Hit With, Well, Me

April 24, 2008


So Space Invaders is celebrating its 30th anniversary and there's a new game coming out. Now what better way (besides getting a themed tattoo and legally changing your name to Space N. Vaders) to let guests in your home know that you love the game than sporting these wicked wall decals? Each set costs $45 and product details follow:

  • 20 decals/pkg
  • 15cm invaders
  • 4 each of the 5 styles shown
  • includes 20 missiles
  • Comes in 4 color combo: classic red, raspberry, kiwi & deep sea

They look red, purple, green and blue to me, but let's not argue over the names of colors. No, let's argue over dinner. *wink* Your place or mine? Actually, let's make it your place, mine's being fumigated for genital lobsters. You make the dinner, I'll make the wine. Just kidding, I'll pick up a box on the way over.

Product Site

Thanks to Jonny 5, whose daughter's father is awesome, for the tip

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