Zelda Girl Seeking Link On Craigslist, I'm In

March 6, 2008


Some girl who says she looks like Princess Zelda is looking for her soulmate Link on Craigslist.

Hi, I know thats strange one. I want a guy who looks like link. from the game. I thought to myself that I might as well be honest. I look like zelda, so why not ask for it? who knows.. I know theres a guy like that. So if you think you look like link, the blonde skater cut, and light eyes look email me. Im a simple chick who loves zelda. I know thats a corney one to ask but heck we might as well be honest as to what we like? am I right? I want a guy like that and a guy who is romantic and believes in chilvary, love, old school ways, and doesnt have a problem with european culture. Thanks a bunch!!! If I like you, and you have a pic, ill email you back. PS I WILL NOT RESPOND to guys without FACE SHOTS. period. Thankyou for understanding. Im not a body chick. more a face and Please only guys 30 and below. And please do not email me rude comments... this world has too many jerks and I delete them and report to the authorities. Its extreme I know But please have respect.

Wow, I'm in love. Just look at those ears. You think they're real? I hope so. My only question is what Link she's looking for. Because if she's looking for the original Legend of Zelda Link then I'm so in. I'm a dead ringer for a little pixelated turd in a green tunic. But if she's looking for more of an Ocarina of Time Link then I'm screwed. And if she's looking for wolf Link from Twilight Princess then she's really f***ed in the head.

Princess Zelda Is Looking For Link On Craigslist [albotas]

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