World's Largest Air Vortex Cannon Blows Out Birthday Candles From 180 Feet

March 7, 2008


Erbert and Gerbert, the delicious sandwich making company, decided to celebrate their 20th birthday in the most traditional way possible -- by building the world's largest air vortex cannon to blow out birthday candles from 180 feet. They even use a smoke machine in conjunction with the cannon so you can see the awesome rings as they travel. Certainly seems way cooler than the way I spent my last birthday. I thought everyone had forgotten about it, and so I went out the bars and got tyrannosaurus wrecked by myself. But when I came home all my friends and family where there! Awesome right? Wrong. It was an intervention.

Worthwhile video of the cannon in action after the jump.

Candle Cannon
Massive Air Vortex Candle Cannon Built: It Blows, Bigstyle [gizmodo]

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