Wooden Knuckles Are One Size Fits Most, Made Of Wood, Not Metal Or Glass Silly!

March 25, 2008


These wooden knuckles are made of walnut and cost $40. Why you'd buy them is a mystery to me, because if you're not going to dip your gluey hand in a barrel of broken glass before a fist fight then you're a sissy. Say, these remind me of that time in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana was chasing after Marion because she was being kidnapped in a basket when some dude with a sword jumped out of the crowd to try and stop him. There dude was, swinging his sword around and shit, and you know what Indy did? Indy just shot that mother. "Bad dates!" Damn I love that movie. If the new one sucks I'm hanging myself.

Wooden Knuckles [notcot]

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