Wii Casemod Has 3D Mario, Voided Warranty

March 10, 2008


I always enjoy a good Mario-themed casemod, and this Wii is no exception. As you can see it's a handpainted case with a 3D Mario poking his head out of a black hole. That handsome little bastard. I can almost hear him saying, "It's-a me! Mario!" Which is a lot friendlier than "I'mma gonna keel you!", which is what he told me last night. Yeah, he barged in on me and Princess Peach getting tender (doing it). Still, I don't think it was fair all his rage was all directed towards me. It's not like Toad and Luigi weren't there.

One more of the other side, with warp-pipe Wiimote holder, after the jump.


The 3D Mario Wii Casemod

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