Trapeze Chandelier: Start Your Own Circus Act At Home And Break Lots Of Stuff

March 25, 2008


The Do Swing is a trapeze chandelier. It's currently conceptual but you could probably make your own as long as you found a solid stud running in the ceiling somewhere. Blah, blah, blah are those coke whores stretched out on the table? Why wasn't I invited to this party? The chick on the left is totally about to flash the camera. The far right one is drinking and peeing on the rug simultaneously. The crazy drunk is swinging from the chandelier and one of the coke queens is looking up her skirt. All the while the skanky one on the table is trying to nonchalantly size up the camera man's package. Advertising people: this is how you sell products. I just called the company and ordered ten. They told me they're still just conceptual but I told they could keep my money anyways.

Who would want a trapeze chandelier? Everybody! [dvice]

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