Trap Lightning In A Block And Make People Think You're Magical, Possibly Score A Girl

March 7, 2008


Lichtenberg figures look like trapped lightning and are actually "branching electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or the interior of insulating materials." Popular Science has a DIY page if you're interested in creating your own, or you can just buy them here and say you did it yourself. I'm just going to buy one, because me and electricity don't mix. And while it's debatable, you may be able to use one to convince the ladies you're a sorcerer or magician. Which, I've heard, works better than telling women you're a vampire/werewolf hybrid in order to get them in the sack. If they don't fall for it though just nonchalantly jam a butter knife into an electric socket. Sure it may kill you, but honestly you weren't going to get laid anyways.

Another picture of how to do it yourself, along with a MUST SEE video after the jump.


Trap Lightening In A Block [popsci]

Thanks to Raul, a man who enjoys fast cars and gorgeous women, for the tip

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