Transformer Zippos Have The Power To Transform Things Into Things On Fire

March 18, 2008


These Transformer Zippos are a limited edition release from Japan. They come in black and silver and only 300 of each were made. As you can see from the picture, they're lighters with Optimus Prime's profile on them. I assumed they were snatched up already, but checked eBay and found them available for $110-$140. I like them and all, but I think that it's kind of wrong that when you open the lighter it looks like Prime's head has been cut in half and there's a flame coming out of it. I mean show the robot some respect, he did help save the damn planet. And speaking of helping save the planet, the neighbors (who are probably Decepticon sympathizers) are getting pretty upset about my environmental commitment to peeing in the front yard.
Zippo Transformers, Shiny Pyrotechnical Technology [uberreview]

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