I Want: Transforming Flashlight/Machine Gun

March 12, 2008

This is a video from SHOTSHOW 2008 of a Magpul prototype that's a transforming flashlight/machine gun.

Looks like a flashlight -- walk your dog, take the garbage out, get the mail. If any problems occur, anything you need immediate action with, you can on target and go with it. It's a folding machine gun. It's very transformer-esque...Folds up into a little compact package. Big enough to put in your back pocket. Fits right in there, you go for your walk. Gets nasty -- get down to business.

I can't remember the last time I needed a folding machine gun to walk the dog or get the mail, but that dude has me convinced I've been living foolishly. I need one of those. Like real bad. What if it "gets nasty" and I'm unable to "get down to business"? That would suck. But in my defense I was thinking just the other day we need more machine guns that can fit in back pockets. But be careful not to confuse it for your wallet! A wallet is highly ineffective at killing attackers. And whipping out your machine gun to pay for a hot dog at 7-11 is a definite no-no.


Thanks to Tyler, who doesn't need a folding machine gun because his fists are lethal weapons, for the tip

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