The Runt Still Manages To Pack A Punch

March 19, 2008


At only 3.25", the Runt stun gun is pretty damn small (but still puts me to shame). They come in 350,000, 650,000 and 950,000 volt models and there's even a rechargeable 950 model that plugs directly into the wall via retractable plug. It'll operate about 300-500 times on a full charge, which is good because thats how many times I like to shock attackers. The rechargeable version costs $70, and all the other ones are cheaper. I'd been thinking about getting a stun gun for my girlfriend for some time, and I decided to go with one of these since it's nice and compact. She hates it. Mostly because I told her it was a handheld electrolysis hair remover. You should have seen her trying to get rid of her mustache, priceless.

The Runt - A Matchbook Sized Stun Gun [ohgizmo]

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