Tetris Mirror Is Reflective, Many Pieces

March 20, 2008


The Tetris mirror is the brainchild of UK product designer Soner Ozenc. It's a mirror made of 13 separate interlocking pieces. They come in gold and silver surfaces and totally suck because there's no such thing as single square tetrads in Tetris. Come on Soner, get with the program. No word on price or availability, but I don't care anyways, because this thing would be a danger to have around. With so many separate little mirrors, one is bound to fall off the wall and break. And you know what that means don't you? That's right -- you'll step on the broken pieces one night on the way to the bathroom to drain your snake. Your need to frequently urinate will be due to a bladder weakened from holding it too long too many times . You'll cut your foot open and leave a blood trail down the hallway. Then your wife will wake up and freak out because you're not in bed and there's a blood trail leading out of the room. She'll call the cops and say you've been murdered even though in reality you're safely asleep on the john. Then you'll hear a pound on the door, wake up, and forget to put your pants back on before answering it. It'll be the cops, and they'll all laugh at your penis.

tetris mirror reflects your puzzled expression [technabob]

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