Tetrad Shelving Looks Good, Tetrisy

March 26, 2008


These Tetrad Shelves are made by Brave Space Design in Brooklyn, NY. They come in a variety of different options and are built using environmentally sustainable resources. Unfortunately they will deplete your financial resources if you want some. You have to contact them for the price of one like in the picture, but if you hit the jump and see the colored set, those go for $1,500 per 10 blocks. So, yeah, you might want to try making your own. I just hope you're a better carpenter than I am, because I had to cease construction and seek medical attention after nailing my hand to my junk.

See more models after the jump, along with a link to the company's website.




Product Website

Thanks to AronRigo, which is what I thought the opening lyrics to Brown Eyed Girl were, for the tip

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