Star Wars Last Supper Painting Is Made From Like Trillions of Captures From The Movies

March 12, 2008


This 262-megapixel (24,168 x 10,864) mosaic is made out of 69,550 screen captures from the Star Wars series. The piece was made by Avinash Arora using some mosaic software and a tweaked algorithm. As you can see it's stunning. It was printed out at 3'x6' because the printer Avinash went to was unable to open the 712-megapixel version (3GB compressed, 40GB uncompressed) he wanted to use to make a 5' x 11' print. Over two weeks in the making, Avanish spent 30+ hours adding finishing touches in the end. Congratulations, it looks great. You could probably sell these to Star Wars fanatics for a good chunk of change. It's certainly better than my Last Supper was. Which, incidentally, didn't agree with me and came back up in the middle of the night.

A ton more pictures, including some closeups, after the jump.







Skywalker Last Supper Painting Made With 69,550 Star Wars Frames [gizmodo]

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