Spy Hunter Themed Pontiac Car Commercial

March 17, 2008

In an attempt to go after the "grew up in the 80's and played the hell out of Spy Hunter" demographic, Pontiac's new G8 commercial is based on the video game. I always thought the car was supposed to be a Stingray, but I did some deep digging (~4 seconds on Wikipedia) and found out the fictitious G-6155 Interceptor was actually modeled after a 1983 Z28. So, yeah, you learn something new every day. Like yesterday (Sunday) I learned that the lady who runs the ice-cream van around here parks it in the empty middle school lot and scarfs a lot of the product. I saw her pound at least two Drumsticks, a Flinstones Push-Up, and a Rocket Pop. She better have paid for them too. Because if I find out the price of orange creamsicles went up another dime I'll just die. Now where was I? Oh right, Spy Hunter. Loved the boat part. That was my favorite.

UPDATE: Higher quality video added after the jump.

A big thanks to Nick, who hunts spies and does a damn fine job of it, for the tip

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