Space Invader Coffee Table On Craigslist

March 11, 2008


Some guy made a Space Invader themed coffee table and is now selling it on Craigslist. He's asking $450, which is expensive. He has the list of materials he used on his website and apparently the thing cost him $415.59 to build. Which is also expensive. I'd be tempted to make one if I could do it for around $100. Maybe I can. The seller is getting rid of this table because he "had another clever idea for a coffee table and no room for two of them." Now the real question is "What the hell is this other awesome table he has up his sleeve?" Do you think it's going to be Zelda themed? Because man that would be AWE-to the-SOME. Possibly even more awesome than Zelda girl, just way flatter.

A couple more pictures after the jump.



Dude's Build Page


Thanks to Emily, who is both cool and beautiful, for the tip

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