Sleep Masks May Pose A Danger In Bed

March 20, 2008


FreakyOldWoman is a freaky old woman that makes things and sells them on Etsy. Recently she made a line of disturbing sleep masks that will make you kill your partner if you wake up and see them in one. Several of them made me queasy just looking at them. The picture there is of a steampunk model, but they get a lot more disturbing than that. They're all $10 apiece with free shipping, so some of you may actually want one. They're too creepy for me though. Besides, my girlfriend and I have other sleep related problems to concern ourselves with. Like, oh I don't know, waking up to a cat shitting on the pillow between our faces.

Several more masks, along with a link to all of them, after the jump.




FreakyOldWoman's Etsy Shop

Thanks to Christine, who isn't freaky (unless she wants to be) or old, for the tip

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